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    Wealth Protection

    For many people, the preservation of what they already have is even more important than acquiring more.

    For the most part, many of our private clients have accumulated their wealth after many years of commitment, hard work and sacrifice so, putting it mildly, losing it on an ill-considered investment would be particularly undesirable.

    As one would expect, wealth preservation strategies will usually differ significantly from those of capital accumulation insofar as the onus tends to be on maintaining the buying power of money that has already been created. As we are all aware, $100 won’t buy anywhere near as much as it did 25 years ago.

    There is a chasm between official inflation statistics provided by governments and that which ordinary people experience each day in the stores or when renting a home, for example.  If you underestimate inflation, you run the far-reaching risk of degrading the purchasing power of your wealth. That could have serious ramifications when it comes to retirement.

    Our Unobstructed View
    Here at CMC Gao Hua, we prefer to dispense with the rose-tinted spectacles when devising our clients’ wealth preservation strategies. Our professionals use inflation statistics from independent statisticians when calculating the growth rates necessary for your portfolio to achieve its objectives.

    Our wealth preservation credentials are characterized by our focus on the following:

    • Targeting performance to compensate for more realistic “unofficial” inflation
    • Trust in traditional safe haven assets like gold
    • Distrust of advanced economy sovereign bonds like US Treasuries
    • Adoption of developing economy sovereign bonds




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