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    Wealth Accumulation

    Our experience has left us in no doubt that the accumulation of wealth is best achieved using long-term investment in stocks, corporate bonds and commodities.

    To achieve sums sufficient to secure one’s financial well-being, one must either begin investing many years ahead of the date when the amount will be required or, alternatively, an investor must seek out asset classes or securities which offer the potential for greater returns over a shorter term despite the associated increased risk. Fortunately for our clients, the professionals at CMC Gao Hua have extensive risk management experience gained at some of the most highly-respected names in global finance.

    Our Common-Sense Approach
    CMC Gao Hua takes a simple, no-nonsense approach to wealth accumulation. Working closely with you; we define your goals and your timeframe for their achievement.

    We factor in your income both current and passive from say, dividends, coupons from bonds and rental income from a property portfolio. We look at your outgoings and the degree of investment risk you’re willing to expose your capital.

    It never comes as any surprise to us that most clients want significant returns with insignificant risk, but apparently, the world doesn’t quite work that way. Until it does, however, excellent investment performance will come attached to the potential for significant loss unless you invest wisely.

    CMC Gao Hua crafts portfolios that adhere to clearly defined asset allocation guidelines. To us, asset allocation is among the most important tools available for the prudent management of investment risk.

    The most common components of a CMC Gao Hua portfolio are:

    • Corporate Bonds
    • Emerging Market Stocks
    • Large Cap Stocks
    • Hard Assets (Commodities)
    • Mid-Cap Stocks
    • Small Cap Stocks




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