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    Research & Analysis

    CMC Gao Hua investment philosophy is based on our real-world understanding of markets and what drives them. As markets are composed of people, it is essential that our investment strategies and decisions are bereft of emotion. Greed and fear are the greatest enemies of the successful investor, and we strive to eliminate them from our thinking despite what often seems like compelling evidence.

    Before CMC Gao Hua makes recommendations to our clients, we need to conduct our due diligence on the components of prospective portfolios. We simply cannot recommend a particular stock or corporate bond without first assessing the security at the deepest possible level.

    Our analysts are seasoned professionals skilled in the art of getting to the information that counts when it comes to investment. Using precision technical analysis enables them to predict, within a small margin of error, the best time to purchase a stock to (or “intending to”) riding uptrend to profits.

    Technical Analysis
    In layman’s terms, the technical analysis looks for order, rhythm and patterns in the price action of a security and takes no account whatsoever of the fundamentals. It assumes that the price of the security at any one time is based on the market’s perception of any and all information pertinent to it whether that be annual results, profit margins, earnings or even merger rumors.

    Patterns can be identified in stocks or financial markets, while it can also apply to other markets such as real estate, or the supply and demand of services.

    Looking back into the past, you will see that many technical strategies have picked some very effective moves.  Hindsight is never wrong.  You may see pattern/design as clear as day, although the trouble with this is that it may be one model in 100. 100 different models on a daily chart may span over ten years, meaning that you select one every ten years.

    Fundamental Analysis
    Our analysts also utilize fundamental analysis. Fundamental news drives markets but our interest here is in the long term so we focus on information like the company’s sales, its debt, its earnings and so on.

    This is effectively the legal side of the process where we look at the inner workings of the organization; assess management and how the business is run. We watch the industry sector as a whole and try to gain a picture of where it and the subject company operating within it will be in the future.





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