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    Planning your legacy

    Tax can be a bigger threat to your wealth as investment risk if not planned for an increasing number of CMC Gao Hua’s clients have personal circumstances that may make them vulnerable to tax liabilities which, left unimpeded, could act as a drag on investment returns or, even worse still, eat into initial capital.

    CMC Gao Hua’s extensive network of professionals includes independent tax planning specialists whose sole purview is to scrutinize the details of our clients’ tax liabilities with the goal of reducing the tax liabilities that could potentially have a significant bearing on our clients’ assets and investments.

    Directing your legacy and philanthropy
    We can provide invaluable assistance to help you to plan your legacy by coordinating wealth transfer and philanthropy objectives. CMC Gao Hua can:

    • Create a plan to transfer assets to future generations of your progeny in a manner that promotes responsibility and stewardship of family wealth
    • Propose trusts to carry out your instructions
    • Devise strategies that address cash flow requirements and reduce estate and income taxes to a minimum
    • Create a plan for strategic charitable giving and provide assistance with implementation




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