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    Our Philosophy

    At the heart of our investment performance lies a carefully thought-out methodology that underpins our success.

    Comprehensive Assessment
    Our method relies upon the integration of three critical strategies. First, we work together with you to determine what it is that you are hoping to achieve.

    We would be remiss in our fiduciary duty if we did not obtain as much information about your personal financial situation as possible before making recommendations. After all, how can we know what you need unless we know what you already have? With this in mind, your CMC Gao Hua advisor can interact with you by whichever method is most convenient, be that in person or by telephone.

    Understanding Your Financial Picture
    Your CMC Gao Hua advisor will help you clarify your aims and aspirations for your future financial wellbeing. Your advisor will contribute to defining your tolerance for investment risk and ensure he or she fully understands any boundaries you wish respected regarding permissible asset classes or ethical investments.

    After this, we discuss our investment strategies with you in plain language and carefully explain the potential benefits and attendant risks associated with each one. This enables both parties – you and us – to make certain we are “on the same page.” Then and only then will we make recommendations.

    Making The Important Decisions 
    Some of our clients come to CMC Gao Hua having previously developed a degree of investment sophistication, while many have precious little experience with financial markets. Regardless, we’ll ensure you fully understand what we have to offer, our recommendations and our reasons for making them.

    We will need to conduct an accurate assessment of your financial assets and subsequently establish a straightforward plan for simplifying and merging them into a fit-for-purpose, well-devised investment program capable of achieving your financial objectives.

    In summary, we will:

    • Help define your attitude to investment risk
    • Avoid financial jargon and speak in plain language
    • Ensure you understand how our strategies fit in with your life
    • Conduct detailed evaluation of your current situation
    • Construct a streamlined, fully-integrated investment plan




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