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    Investment Capabilities

    CMC Gao Hua offers Wealth Management services for both retail and corporate clients. We provide both Advisory and Execution services, in an array of asset classes and financial instruments.

    Wealth Accumulation
    It never comes as any surprise to us that most clients want significant returns with insignificant risk, but apparently, the world doesn’t quite work that way. Until it does, however, excellent investment performance will come attached to the potential for significant loss unless you invest wisely.

    CMC Gao Hua crafts portfolios that adhere to clearly defined asset allocation guidelines. To us, asset allocation is among the most important tools available for the prudent management of investment risk. Read More…

    Wealth Protection
    Here at CMC Gao Hua, we prefer to dispense with the rose-tinted spectacles when devising our clients’ wealth preservation strategies. Our professionals use inflation statistics from independent statisticians when calculating the growth rates necessary for your portfolio to achieve its objectives. Read More…

    Planning Your Legacy
    CMC Gao Hua’s extensive network of professionals includes independent tax planning specialists whose sole purview is to scrutinize the details of our client’s tax liabilities with the goal of reducing the tax liabilities that could potentially have a significant bearing on our clients’ assets and investments. Read More…

    Accredited Investors
    At CMC Gao Hua we provide a broad range of investment management services, across all the main asset classes to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. We also deal with advisory and executive services to our high-net-work clientele. Read More…





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